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Each year, businesses within the parish will receive a remittance advice for payment of the Church Rate.

All Church of England Churches within the City levy this rate, and the monies received are used solely for the upkeep of the church and its community work. Within this parish, with the building of a new hall, a much-needed resource for the local resident and business communities, contributions via the Church Rate will enable St Botolph’s to engage creatively with the needs of those communities.

The Church is open to the public throughout the working week, and is regularly used by local workers as a place of quiet and peace away from the pressures of work, in order to reflect, pray and think through issues.

The maintenance of the church and its running costs are met mainly from the giving and fund raising of church members. City of London parishes predominantly only have small resident populations. This rate provides an opportunity for businesses to also contribute to the continuing presence of St Botolph’s in this part of the City.